As a child, you learn how to walk and how to run. This is a natural process which is not taught in school and what you do not learn from a book. Human beings are built to walk and run. Running, good running, is not only about endurance, but also has to do with good technique. How do I move my arms? How is my body posture? How and where do I land on my feet? A good running technique helps you making efficient use of your energy and will prevent injuries. A basic requirement to enjoy making strong progress in your running performances and to Run Far For Fun. pays attention on technique during training sessions. Special exercises to work on an optimal cooperation between the arms, torso and legs. Exercises to prevent rotation of your upper body, maintaining the right muscle tension, relaxation in muscle groups which are not directly involved in the running motion and shortening your ground contact. Recreational runners will experience that by training and focusing on proper running technique they will improve performance and will avoid injuries. Even top athletes are never finished learning and continue to include technique exercises in their daily training routines.