Train offers personalized training schedules, personal training or group training, with usage of various types of training and with special attention on improving your running technique. In order to make progress through training and be able to achieve your personal goals, an important element is to remain injury free. is dedicated to help you avoiding running injuries and to increase your pleasure in running. Run Far For Fun.
Training is provided near national park “Veluwezoom” (Arnhem, Velp, Dieren, Rheden) and near "The Posbank", one of the most fantastic views over the hills and valleys of “the Veluwe”.

Personal Training
Personalized training plans are provided for a period of 8 weeks. After 4 weeks this will be reviewed and potentially adjusted based upon your experiences and training efforts. Your individual training plan will take your preferences for training frequency, specific training days and planned holidays into account.

Personal training will take place near national park “Veluwezoom”. The training session will be customized for you and support you in reaching your personal goals. Emphasis will be on improving your running technique in order to run more efficient, which is crucial for injury prevention.